STENOS Surface Mount Track

Surface Mount Micro Optic

0.85” Opening
1.07” Vertical Depth
48”, 96”, 144: Lengths

Elevate spaces with the STENOS Surface Track system, a low profile and field-configurable solution that supports the STENOS directional and ambient modules. Modules sit flush in the track system creating a seamless architectural effect and delivering up to 1260 lumens per foot.   

The modules feature endless flexibility and can be added, removed, and repositioned with ease using simple tools. Additionally, STENOS Surface Track is field cuttable and features an array of easy to install joiners while its Two channel track enables a straightforward set-up of two separately controllable zones. Simply remove, rotate, and re-insert modules to change the circuit.


  • White
  • Black

Features & Certifications

  • Micro OpticMicro Optic
  • 30 Deg Tilt30 Deg Tilt
  • 15 Deg Optic15 Deg Optic
  • 30 Deg Louver30 Deg Louver
  • 60 Deg Louver60 Deg Louver
  • Wall WashWall Wash
  • 1% Dimming1% Dimming
  • JA8JA8
  • DeclareDeclare
  • ULUL
  • Made In USAMade In USA
  • DimmableDimmable
  • Title 24Title 24
  • DeclareDeclare

Fast Facts

  • Discreet, minimal, and field flexible micro-optic track systems
  • Trimmed and Trimless options in Recessed, Deep Recessed, Surface Mount, and Suspended profiles
  • Works in tandem with STENOS directional (tilt +/- 30°) and ambient modules
  • Control glare and beam spread with STENOS 15°, 30°, 60° optical accessories.
  • 24VDC, Class 2 power track simplifies and speeds up installation
  • Illuminate vertical services with the STENOS Wall Wash accessory
  • Snap-in STENOS modules anywhere along track systems with freedom to adjust anytime
  • Up to 1260 Lumens per ft, CCTs include 2700, 3000, 3500, 4000K
  • System shape options include an L and Wall to Ceiling connector for in plane or other 90° turns
  • Two channel track enables simple setup of two, separately controllable zones, and easy switching of modules from zone to zone
  • Title 24/JA8 Compliant
  • life: 50,000 hours L90
  • finishes: Black and White painted


All STENOS Track Systems are supported by optional** interchangeable optics and louvers giving you control over beam shape and light distribution even after installation. Options include a 15-, 30- and 60-degree louver, and wall wash*** to support illuminating vertical surfaces.
**Only one optical accessory can be used at a time
***Wall Wash only available for 5- and 12-inch modules
*** Wall Wash recommended spacing is 2ft from the wall and 2ft on-center

  • 15 Deg Reflector

  • 30 Deg Reflector

  • 60 Deg Reflector

  • Wall Wash