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Meet STENOS, Luminii’s smallest architecturally engineered downlight and track micro-optic product range. Featuring industry-leading optical design, STENOS custom light engines push more light forward, creating crisp and powerful light output, color uniformity, and high CRI.

The Track Range

The STENOS architecturally inspired track is a low-profile and field-configurable track system available in recessed (trimmed or trimless), deep recessed (trimless), surface, and suspended options.

Seeing is believing


This kitchen scene is illuminated with traditional 6” can lights. While target light levels are suitable for cooking, the over all space is stark, lacking dimension, and generally over stimulating resulting in a space that’s not designed to be multifunctional.


This kitchen scene is now lit with STENOS. Target light levels are suitable for cooking but omit needless light pollution across the space. The result is an environment that’s both functional for cooking and entertaining accentuating the architecture and finishes.

Featured Installs


STENOS illuminates the main eating area at Tex-Mex restaurant legend Mi Cocina in Dallas, Texas. Learn how the product enables an exceptional dining experience and environment.

Location: Dallas, TX

Year Completed: 2022

Lighting Designer: Essential Light

Architect: Droese Raney Architecture Inc.

Photographer: Fredrik Broden

Products: STENOS Micro-Optic Downlights, LineLED (LL) Strip Light Series

The Pearl Club

Experience the quiet sophistication of STENOS at The Pearl Club which features a blend of the old-world elegance of the London cocktail scene and the modern sophistication of cocktail lounges from Chicago & NYC.

Location: Chicago, IL

Year Completed: 2023

Interior Designer: Kehoe Designs

Lighting Designer: Morlights

Photographer: Olivia Blinn

Products: STENOS Surface Track Systems and Downlights