STENOS Suspended Track

Suspended Micro Optic

0.85” Opening
1.07” Vertical Depth
48”, 96”, 144: Lengths

Comprehensively illuminate spaces with STENOS Suspended Track, a low profile, field-configurable track system luminaire. Part of Luminii’s smallest slim line product family, STENOS Suspended Track comes in 48”, 96”, and 144” options and creates discreet architectural lighting accents supporting a variety of applications. 

Ambient and directional modules on the STENOS Suspended Track appear sleek and integrated. Their beam shapes are 100% customizable which allows for total control in design. Field cuttable, the product features an array of joiners that are easy to install.


  • White
  • Black

Fast Facts

  • Discreet, minimal, and field flexible micro-optic track systems
  • Trimmed and Trimless options in Recessed, Deep Recessed, Surface Mount, and Suspended profiles
  • Works in tandem with STENOS directional (tilt +/- 30°) and ambient modules
  • Control glare and beam spread with STENOS 15°, 30°, 60° optical accessories.
  • 24VDC, Class 2 power track simplifies and speeds up installation
  • Illuminate vertical services with the STENOS Wall Wash accessory
  • Snap-in STENOS modules anywhere along track systems with freedom to adjust anytime
  • Up to 1260 Lumens per ft, CCTs include 2700, 3000, 3500, 4000K
  • System shape options include an L and Wall to Ceiling connector for in plane or other 90° turns
  • Two channel track enables simple setup of two, separately controllable zones, and easy switching of modules from zone to zone
  • Title 24/JA8 Compliant
  • life: 50,000 hours L90
  • finishes: Black and White painted


All STENOS Track Systems are supported by optional** interchangeable optics and louvers giving you control over beam shape and light distribution even after installation. Options include a 15-, 30- and 60-degree louver, and wall wash*** to support illuminating vertical surfaces.
**Only one optical accessory can be used at a time
***Wall Wash only available for 5- and 12-inch modules
*** Wall Wash recommended spacing is 2ft from the wall and 2ft on-center

  • 15 Deg Reflector

  • 30 Deg Reflector

  • 60 Deg Reflector

  • Wall Wash