STENOS has ancient Greek origins and means narrow, tight, or close which was the brand inspiration behind the company’s segue into the micro-optic lighting market.


Since the beginning, Luminii has been committed to producing the purest light quality possible, pushing the boundaries of LED technology to give our customers the best possible experiences. This pursuit led us down the path of micro-optics, bringing together a minimalist, almost transparent aesthetic without sacrificing light quality. It sounds simple in theory, but it’s trickier than you might think.

Mixing a bit of magic and science, we conceived the perfect micro-optic light engine as the basis and heart of the STENOS product range. Our Titanium Dioxide Coated CSPs were engineered from the ground up to ensure perfect refractions of light from the optic leading to maximum beam efficiency and overall excellence regardless of the application.

STENOS Made Simple

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The Boxes STENOS had to Tick

Bring Market Leading Optics to the Industry

Design Products with Intent and Purpose

Design Discreet, Minimal, Flexible, Field Friendly Profiles

Bring Unmatched Color, Performance, and High Lux on Target

Offer Complimentary Accessories that Enable Creative Freedom

Ensure Easy Serviceability During and After Product Installation

Array of Options – Accent, Ambient, Task, Spot, and Everything In-Between

Bring Together an Engineering Team Driven by Technological Advancement

Conceive, Design, and Engineer Right Here in the U.S.A.

…and it had to be Rad.

Seeing is believing


This kitchen scene is illuminated with traditional 6” can lights. While target light levels are suitable for cooking, the over all space is stark, lacking dimension, and generally over stimulating resulting in a space that’s not designed to be multifunctional.


This kitchen scene is now lit with STENOS. Target light levels are suitable for cooking but omit needless light pollution across the space. The result is an environment that’s both functional for cooking and entertaining accentuating the architecture and finishes.


STENOS features an ultramodern micro-optic CSP light engine. So, what’s a CSP and why is ours so different? Simply put, this light engine is powered by Chip Scale Package (CSP) LEDs which are the smallest LEDs on the market. Each CSP consists of a single LED die and customized Titanium Dioxide coating (TiO2), which allowed Luminii to develop an extremely small and narrow native TIR optic.

With CSP LED sources measuring in at just 1.7mm x 1.7mm coupled with Luminii’s unique TiO2 coating means that STENOS optics efficiently extract and transfer lumens with a high level of precision pushing more lumens forward with less color over angle (COA) than traditional methods.

Applying this micro-optic CSP light engine to STENOS downlight and track systems enables Luminii to seamlessly create quiet architectural lighting options supporting a wide variety of applications delivering superior light output, color uniformity, and high CRI required for applications including high-end residential, museum, hospitality, commercial office, and boutique retail spaces.