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2023 STENOS by Luminii Sales Spiff

We are excited to launch our new STENOS by Luminii Product Brand and Website, including highly anticipated Gen 2 additions to the STENOS product portfolio.

In concert with the grand re-launch of our unique micro-optic linear downlights and track systems, we’d like to offer YOU, the team on the front line, this exciting Spiff opportunity.

Our intent is to provide you with a juicy financial incentive to sell STENOS. Work with the product, learn more about the Luminii story, experience our amazing service and experience first-hand Luminii’s YES culture.

LUMINII HŌM provides best-in-class solutions for your clients.

Once you see how easy it is to do business with us while providing the coolest, cleanest “quiet ceiling’ solution for your clients we have no doubt that you’ll be receiving spiff money every month!

Before you go, we would love to get to know you better!

Are you familiar with the installation advantages to selling STENOS by Luminii?
Would you find application tips, or layout rules of thumb helpful in selling STENOS Downlights?
How long have you been in the lighting industry?

On a scale of 1-5 what are homeowners most interested in when selecting their downlights?


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SPIFF Details

Spiff: $10 per fixture or track module  

Timeframe:   November 1st, 2023 – February 15, 2024 

Eligibility: All sales associates! 

Spiffs will be paid out monthly on shipped orders. 

Sales associates will earn $10 for each fixture shipped  

Orders must be generated in-house and do not apply to projects specified by ‘others’ 

Save the Date: October 19th 1:30-2:00PST ‘STENOS Intro Zoom with Z’

But Wait, There’s More

Let’s kick it up a notch!

At the end of the program, we’ll be awarding a Grand Prize for the most Stenos Sales.

$2000 of STENOS or Luminii products (DN) or iPad Pro (1TB) w/Wi-Fi
Typical STENOS sale example:

One typical PO with 20 STENOS #SD5 Downlights and 5 #SMD Track Modules:

25 x $10@ = $250
Total Spiff for this order is $250!

How to Qualify

  • Sales associates must be actively selling lighting fixtures during the 3-month timeframe.
  • Sales associates must register on-line to participate by October 30th.  HERE
  • For the first 20 salespeople that register you will be given a credit towards the grand prize of 25 units.
  • With each STENOS order, the sales associate is responsible for entering project information. (PO number, job name, salesperson, and of course that you want it entered for SPIFF)

Show Me the Money

  • We will keep tally through your on-line registration and flagged orders  
  • Our system is programmed to track the STENOS SKU’s tied to your registration, on the 1st of each month we’ll add up the shipped orders. Spiff will be paid to each sales associate via gift card by 13th of each month.

Terms and Conditions

  • A sales associate must be an employee of the showroom for the entire duration of Spiff.
  • Spiff only applies to orders shipped between 11/1/23 and 2/15/24
  • Spiff will not apply to HFR orders unless they are shipped by 2/15/24
  • Spiff does not apply to warranty or sample orders