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    Imagine something new with STENOS micro-optic track systems from Luminii. Highly modifiable, STENOS track systems are available in recessed, surface, and suspended options featuring an immaculate circular beam quality from a one-of-a-kind micro-optic form factor.

    Native 15-Degree Optic

    Native 30-Degree Optic

    Native 60-Degree Optic

    Wall Wash Reflector Accessory

    Micro Optic

    +/- 30-Degree Tilt


    Wet Rated

    JA8/Title 24

    Dynamic White


    STENOS track systems are offered in four distinct shapes which may be customized to fit any space. All systems are pre-assembled standard, taking the guesswork out of complicated design installations.

    Optical Louvers

    15˚ Beam Spread

    30˚ Beam Spread

    60˚ Beam Spread

    Wall Wash


    Trimmed and Trimless options in Recessed, Deep Recessed, Surface Mount, and Suspended profiles 

    System shapes include Straight, L, U, and Rectangle 

    All STENOS optics feature a native 15°optic  

    All linear downlight profiles feature an integrated +/- 30° tilt 

    Works in concert with STENOS directional (tilt +/- 30°) and ambient modules* 

    Control glare and beam spread with STENOS accessories 


    15° louver, 30° optic + louver, 60° optic + louver, and wall wash* 

    Attach STENOS modules anywhere along track systems with the freedom to adjust even after install 

    ≥1260 Lumens per ft, CCTs include 2700, 3000, 3500, 4000K. 

    Two channel track offers separate controllable zones and easy module changes from zone to zone. 

    24VDC, Class 2 power track simplifies installation 

    Title 24/JA8 Compliant 

    Finishes: Black and White painted   

    Life: 50,000 hours L90   


    With CSP LED sources measuring in at just 1.7mm x 1.7mm coupled with Luminii’s titanium dioxide coating (TIO2), STENOS optics efficiently extract and transfer lumens with an elevated level of precision, pushing more lumens forward with less color over angle (COA) than traditional methods. 

    Mix and Match

    STENOS features a broad range of accessories to support both beam and light shape, giving you freedom to refine, adjust, and highlight even after installation. All STENOS optics feature a native 15-degree optic which can then be modified with: 

    • 15-Degree Louver
    • 30-Degree Optic + Louver
    • 60-Degree Optic + Louver
    • Wall Wash (5 & 12)

    Luminii Is
    Easy to Do
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    Design beautifully with highly discreet STENOS micro-optic downlights from Luminii. Uniquely small, STENOS downlights deliver flawless beam quality from an architecturally designed form factor engineered to be extremely flexible in the field supporting a wide range of applications.

    Warranty Information

    All STENOS downlights and track systems include a 5-year product warranty.

    Stenos Customer Service

    We are here when you need us. Contact our highly knowledgeable customer service team with any questions, either by phone or email. 

    Onsite Support

    We know that a jobsite can be a tricky and complicated environment. That is why every Luminii shipment comes complete with a Contractor Tool Kit that includes installation instructions, detailed and clear project documentation, and any other necessary tools to ensure you have the support you need for a successful outcome.

    Connect With an Agent

    We have agents in your time zone ready to support you with your next project. Whether it is quoting, project ideation, or order and fulfillment, we have the team to ensure your next project is on time and on budget.