STENOS 5, 12 inch Directional Module Dynamic White

Micro Optic Module

STENOS Dynamic White Directional Modules support the suspended, surface mount, recessed, and deep recessed track systems. Featuring advanced micro-optics, STENOS directional modules provide flawless beam quality in a flexible and aimable (+/- 30degree tilt) form factor. These snap-in modules allow for simple setup and reconfiguration all along the track system even after installation. Directional modules are available in lengths of 5-, and 12-inches and work in concert with STENOS optical accessories for even greater control.


  • White
  • Black

Features & Certifications

  • Warm DimWarm Dim
  • Dynamic WhiteDynamic White
  • Micro OpticMicro Optic
  • 30 Deg Tilt30 Deg Tilt
  • 15 Deg Optic15 Deg Optic
  • 30 Deg Louver30 Deg Louver
  • 60 Deg Louver60 Deg Louver
  • Wall WashWall Wash
  • 1% Dimming1% Dimming
  • JA8JA8
  • DeclareDeclare
  • ULUL
  • RoHSRoHS
  • DimmableDimmable
  • Title 24Title 24
  • DeclareDeclare

Fast Facts

  • Directional Modules Support Stenos Track Systems: Suspended, Surface, Recessed (trimmed and trimless), Deep Recessed
  • Narrow 15-degree TIR native beam aimable +/- 30-degree tilt
  • Snap-on optics can be modified with: 15-degree louver, 30-degree optic + louver, 60-degree optic + louver, Wall wash reflector (5 & 12)*
  • Available in three sizes and outputs, and four CCTs
  • Rotate Module 180° to quickly change between track channel 1 and channel 2
  • L90 - 50k Hours